DECATUR— Farmers, businesses and students from across the country and world gathered in Decatur Illinois for the 62nd annual Farm Progress Show this week.

The three-day expo brought together the latest developments in farm implements, seed technology and advances in other areas of agriculture.

State Senator John Sullivan (D-Rushville) toured the exhibits, watched presentations by industry representatives and saw new developments in agricultural technology with other lawmakers and industry representatives Wednesday.

“This is the crossroads for basically every industry that feeds into agribusiness. There is so much innovation that takes place every year, it’s impressive to see the growth of this industry that is the largest sector of Illinois’ economy,” Sullivan said.

The 2.3 million square foot Progress City USA that houses the Farm Progress Show every-other year was recently expanded because of increased demand by vendors. It is the nation's largest outdoor farm show.

Sullivan is the chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee and is the only farmer in the Senate.

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