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macomb101014MACOMB – State Senator John Sullivan (D-Rushville) joined Governor Pat Quinn, state lawmakers and local officials Friday to announce $35 million of investment to complete the first section of the Macomb Bypass.

The money will fund continued construction and paving of a two-lane, six-mile stretch of highway linking U.S. 67 and Illinois 336/110.

The new highway will be the final link in the 584-mile Chicago-Kansas City Expressway that will bring more commerce and interstate business into western Illinois.

"I'm very pleased to see another piece of the Chicago to Kansas City expressway investment become reality. When completed, this 50 year project will connect western Illinois to the rest of the country, and this $35 million investment will improve our transportation infrastructure, create construction jobs and invigorate our area's economy," Sullivan said.

The $35 million will also finance the construction of additional bridges and overpasses along the corridor. The bypass will serve as a two-lane highway until the southbound lanes of the expressway are built.

Friday's announcement is the result of years of work by state and local governments, area businesses and non-profit organizations, specifically through the work of the Tri-State Development Summit, which brings together stakeholders from Iowa, Missouri and Illinois.

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