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I am proud to serve as the State Senator from Illinois’ 47th District, representing much of western Illinois. I hope you’ll find this site a useful resource in keeping up to date with what’s happening in our district and in Springfield. Please contact any of my offices with questions or ways I can better serve you.

It is my honor to represent you in Springfield.

State Senator John Sullivan
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State Senator John Sullivan (D-Rushville) welcomed Miss Macomb 2013 Rayni Lasley to the Capitol on Wednesday. Lasley will be a senior at Western Illinois University, where she is an advocate for the prevention of teen suicide and cyberbullying. (click photo to enlarge)

Amtraktrain2SPRINGFIELD — With nearly 10 percent more passengers hopping onto Illinois trains this year, a bipartisan group of lawmakers is encouraging the Illinois Department of Transportation to study the feasibility of an east-west passenger rail corridor.

"Expanding affordable, effective passenger rail is a sound investment for the region," said State Senator John Sullivan (D-Rushville). "Increased Amtrak ridership is the best indicator of the need for improvements and expansion of the existing rail lines."

Representative Don Moffitt (R-Galesburg) is sponsoring the Amtrak Feasibility Study, House Resolution 374. It will analyze the potential ridership, capital costs and operating expenses of a new east-west passenger rail service between The Quad Cities, Galesburg, Peoria, Bloomington/Normal, Champaign/Urbana and Danville.

"Illinois has experienced some of the largest increases in Amtrak ridership in the entire nation," Moffitt said. "Our Chicago-to-Carbondale route alone has seen the third-largest jump nationwide this year. As gas prices continue to stay high and more individuals look toward alternative travel methods, exploring the feasibility of an east-west corridor to connect communities with our institutions of higher education and other travel destinations is certainly a worthy investment."

The route would consist of two daily round trips and connections to the Carbondale and Quincy corridors as well.

"A passenger rail corridor can help link communities, improve traffic, reduce pollution and provide efficient travel for our area students," Representative Pat Verschoore (D-Milan) said. "This rail system has the potential to draw new businesses to our area, attract tourists, put people back to work and have an overall positive impact on these communities."

Amtrak is expected to begin the study this summer.

sullivan0522SPRINGFIELD – The Senate passed legislation to prevent so-called "pill shoppers" from purchasing meth making ingredients for meth cooks.

The legislation, House Bill 806, makes it illegal for individuals to knowingly purchase pseudoephedrine or ephedrine on behalf of convicted meth manufacturers. Senators voted 57-0 today to send HB 806 to the governor's desk.

State Senator John Sullivan (D-Rushville) sponsored the proposal and worked with the Attorney General's office on the legislation.

"Meth has destroyed countless families and lives across our communities, this legislation will help stem the production of this devastating drug," Sullivan said. "By allowing law enforcement to crack down on individuals who traffic these precursors, we can further limit meth production."

Attorney General Lisa Madigan said this legislation is necessary because under current law, convicted meth manufacturers are banned from purchasing pseudoephedrine or ephedrine and, as a result, meth cooks often turn to "pill shoppers" to buy pills on their behalf.

"The bill gives law enforcement a necessary tool to prosecute 'pill shoppers' who are paid to evade the laws that are designed to prevent convicted meth cooks from accessing pseudoephedrine to manufacture this deadly drug," Madigan said.

The legislation strengthens the "pill shopping" violation, making it a Class A misdemeanor for a first offense and a Class 4 felony for a second or subsequent conviction.

Madigan stressed that the law will not impact lawful buyers of pseudoephedrine. They will still be able to obtain pseudoephedrine-based medications within the current limits set by Illinois law.


Seventh-grade students from La Harpe Junior High School visited with State Senator John Sullivan (D-Rushville) and toured the Capitol during their trip to Springfield on Monday. (click photo to enlarge)

sullivan-75x75SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois State Senate today by a 40-16 vote passed a comprehensive pension reform plan, Senate Bill 2404, with bipartisan support. State Senator John Sullivan (D-Rushville) voted for the proposal.

"Changes to our pension system are necessary in order to protect pension benefits for all current and retired teachers, state and university employees," Sullivan said. "This was a difficult vote but this legislation, I believe, is balanced and constitutional and will stabilize both the retirement systems and the state's economy."

Senate Bill 2404 protects vital aspects of the pension system and provides employees and retirees with the ability to choose how these changes will affect their lives. This proposal is the result of negotiations between lawmakers and representatives of public-sector employee unions.

The legislation saves state tax payers approximately $46 billion over the next 30 years and mandates a state payment system that will prevent future funding issues.

"I supported this plan because of its strong, sound constitutional provisions, and because it puts the state of Illinois on a path to fiscal stability," Sullivan said.

Senate Bill 2404 now moves to the House for a vote.

For an overview of the bills details visit www.illinoissenatedemocrats.com.

MaryAnnBickerdykeSPRINGFIELD – The second Wednesday of May could soon become a statewide holiday honoring a historic Galesburg figure and all military nurses. Mother Mary Ann Bickerdyke was a hospital administrator and military nurse from Galesburg who served as chief of nursing for Ulysses S. Grant's army during the Civil War.

The Illinois State Senate passed House Bill 2775, which adds Mother Mary Ann Bickerdyke Day to the list of commemorative dates. State Senator John Sullivan (D-Rushville) sponsored HB 2775 in the Senate; it had already passed the House and was sponsored by Representative Don Moffitt (R-Galesburg).

"Mother Mary Ann Bickerdyke is a pivotal figure in the history of battlefield nursing and military medicine. She helped revolutionize battlefield care, sanitation and veterans advocacy," Sullivan said. "Her sacrifices and the outstanding work of all military nurses deserve to be honored and recognized; that's what this commemorative day does."

"Thank you Sen. Sullivan for your efforts to recognize Mother Bickerdyke, who brought battlefield medicine to new heights, which has been built upon by modern medicine," Moffitt said. "This day brings honor not only to her but to past, present and future military nurses as well as all nurses."

Mary Ann Bickerdyke lived from 1817 to 1901 and oversaw the construction of roughly 300 field hospitals during the war as well as personally tending to the sick and wounded on the battlefield. Because of her work, Union soldiers gave her the title "Mother."

She lived and practiced medicine in Galesburg before the Civil War. Following the war she set up numerous schools, hospitals and boarding houses. She was also a vocal advocate for veterans' pensions and benefits.

Mother Mary Ann Bickerdyke Day now goes to the governor for approval.

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